Video Page(!!!) and Jurassic World Press Junket

Our video page is officially OPEN!! Here you can browser through 315 (and counting!) videos that date back to 2004! About 100 of these videos can be viewed directly on our youtube page, but due to youtube’s copyright policy, only HERE can you view the full inventory, completely organized.

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Media from the Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray Press Junket from earlier this month is already coming in!! The first interview was posted today!

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Birthdays, interviews, videos, oh my!


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2 new interviews have been added to the interview page, one from September 30 and one from October 1 you can read them → here

We’ve added many videos to our youtube page until the full website page is up. All the Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray features are on our channel!

Also, we’ve compiled all the recent videos of Bryce into one easy to watch video per event! That’s probably going to become common practice and we’ll start doing that for everything to make it much easier for the viewer!

[youtube= &w=320&h=240]

[youtube= &w=320&h=240]

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We’ve added another Jurassic World behind the scenes photo to the gallery and also another photo from the Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray Press Junket


Jurassic World DVD extras, behind the scenes, and 2 event galas for Bryce!

Bryce attended the Los Angeles Philharmonic Opening Gala on September 29, 2015

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The Jurassic World “All Access Pass” DVD/Blu-ray feature has been added to our YouTube page!

[youtube= &w=320&h=240]

We’ve also posted a video of Bryce from the “Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala” on September 26, 2015!


The Jurassic World deleted have surfaced! There are 7 total, Bryce is in 3 of them.

You can view them all → here






Also a few more behind the scenes photos have been added!

Be sure to check those out in the Jurassic World – On Set portion of our gallery.


More gala photos and “Pantsuits”

More photos from the “4th Annual Rare Tribute to Champions Of Hope Gala” which took place yesterday, September 26, have been added to the gallery → here







Bryce’s short film “PantSuits” will be featured at the Calgary International Film Festival tomorrow in their “A Women’s World” package.
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A few site/network updates

A new behind the scenes photo of Bryce on the set of Jurassic World has surfaced! Check that out below! You can find this and many more in our Gallery






Due to some confusion (we are NOT Bryce, just a fansite), we’ve decided to change both our twitter and instagram handles to “BDHnetwork”. If you’re not already following us, make sure you do so! Thanks for the support!

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While the video page is still under construction (and taking longer than expected), we’ve added a few videos to make up for the long wait! You can check them out our YouTube channel → here




Jurassic World Press Junket Roundup!

The Jurassic World Press Junket wrapped up in Hawaii last night and we have all the pictures and videos from the event!

Our gallery is fully stocked with 43 photos from the event → Gallery

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Bryce did this this video for jurassicsnaps on Snapchat

@arcticninja on twitter shared this hilarious video of Bryce at the luau celebrating the final night!