Bryce is an Academy Member!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has issued 774 invitations to new members and Bryce is one of them! This is a prestigious honor in the film industry and we are so proud of Bryce. She really deserves it. The full article and list, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, can be found below and also on our Articles page.

The full list can on the academy’s official website can be found → here

June 28, 2017 | Academy Invites Record 744 New Members |

— The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has issued 744 invitations to new members, the Oscar-granting body announced Wednesday. Each of the Academy’s 17 branches draws up its own list of new members, and candidates must be sponsored by two members of the branch they will be invited to join. The basic requirement is that a candidate must have “demonstrated exceptional achievement in the field of theatrical motion pictures,” although each branch then has its own specific requirements.


Hawaii + Emmy Buzz

Bryce arrived in Hawaii overnight to shoot the second part of Jurassic World 2. Thanks to Katz Yoro for sharing their photos with Bryce!

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June 12, 2017 | Bryce Dallas Howard on the cusp of an Emmy nomination |

In the Emmy race for Best Movie/Mini Actress, most of the discussion has surrounded the battle of Oscar all-stars: Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon (“Feud: Bette and Joan”) vs. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman (“Big Little Lies”), with Lange currently favored to win. But let’s not forget Bryce Dallas Howard, who scored a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination this past winter for the anthology “Black Mirror” and could be on her way to an Emmy nomination as well. Could she even win?

Howard was featured in the episode “Nosedive” as a woman obsessed with social media. “Black Mirror” is a watercooler hit on Netflix, and Howard’s SAG nominations shows she already has support from her industry peers. And being Hollywood royalty doesn’t hurt (she’s the daughter of Oscar and Emmy champ Ron Howard). But this would be her first Emmy nomination.

Many of our Top 24 Users think she’s a strong contender for a nomination. They got the highest scores predicting last year’s Emmy nominations, and six of them are betting on her to break into this crowded contest. But getting the nomination may be the hardest part. Once she’s in, she would have a path to victory under the new voting system.

The TV academy instituted a plurality vote last year, where voters check one name and the nominee with the most votes wins. Before, nominees were ranked in order of preference; that system meant that multiple nominees from the same project had an advantage if they were all ranked at the top of voters’ ballots. But a plurality vote opens the door for vote-splitting. So if Lange and Sarandon split the “Feud” vote, and Kidman and Witherspoon divide the “Big Little Lies” support, then you just might see Howard take the stage as the Emmy winner, especially given the passionate fan support behind “Black Mirror.”


Gallery Updates!

We’re working hard to properly archive Bryce’s professional work and career for you guys! Not only do we strive to make BDH Network the most updated and detailed resource, but also one of the very best quality. My goal is to put Bryce’s career on display for everyone to enjoy, using the best quality available. In accordance with that, I’ve been acquiring as many HQ photos as possible and, one by one, updating each album, with no duplicates guaranteed! The first albums to be completely renovated are featured below (beginning from the bottom up with 2003)!

A full renovation to every album is in the works to make BDH Network THE source for all your Bryce Dallas Howard needs!

Also, finally got this full Jurassic World still which has only been used for promo and marketing thus far!

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x012 Public Appearances >> 2003 >> Opening Night Of “Tartuffe” – January 9 Here


x106 Public Appearances >> 2003 >> “The Village” New York Premiere – July 26 Here



French Open + Social Media Photos

Bryce and her dad, Ron Howard, attended the Roland Garros 2017 Tennis French Open in Paris yesterday. Those HQ candids are in the gallery now!

x022 Candids >> Roland Garros 2017 Tennis French Open in Paris – June 1, 2017 Here


The new first photo was shared by @RealRonHoward and the second was shared by @epicmakeup. That photo is from the 2011 wrap party of When You Find Me, which was a short film directed by Bryce.

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Emmy Predictions

After Bryce’s appearance in Black Mirror last October, very early Emmy buzz was a flutter (not to mention her SAG nomination earlier this year). Now that we’re a month away from the nominations, full predictions are being published and Bryce is headlining! There is very stiff competition this year (Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, and even Oprah(!) just to name a few.), BUT Bryce is receiving amazing coverage by both big and small publications. Variety listed the big name competition, but then heavily featured Bryce with a quoted interview. Also, a photo of Bryce in Black Mirror is usually the predominant image featured at the head of each prediction article. Exciting times!

As always, we’re collecting all new articles mentioning Bryce and archiving them in our Articles or Interviews page, depending on where they fit.

Formal Emmy nominations will be announced on July 13!

May 31, 2017 Emmy spotlight: Bryce Dallas Howard deserves ‘high ratings’ for ‘Nosedive’ episode of ‘Black Mirror’

Bryce Dallas Howard gives one of the strongest performances of her career in “Nosedive,” the first episode of Black Mirror’s third season.

Though Howard lost the [SAG] award to Sarah Paulson (“The People v. O.J. Simpson”), the attention from her acting peers certainly suggests she’s in the running at the upcoming Emmys.

Getting into Limited Series/Movie Actress could be a challenge for Howard with so many other talented stars in the mix, but her dominant performance in just 60 minutes of Black Mirror ranks her among the best of the year. In a world where Twitter followers and Instagram likes form the basis of success, Howard deserves “high ratings” at the Emmys for reflecting the dark future that may lie ahead of us.

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June 1, 2017 — “Oscar Winners, Global Stars Compete in Packed Best Actress in a Limited Series/Movie Category

Bryce Dallas Howard won raves for playing a lonely, social media-charged singleton who is a little too obsessed with liking her frenemy’s wedding plans in “Nosedive,” the first episode of Netflix’s latest season of Black Mirror. Other than ensuring her friends will probably forever question whether to invite her to their nuptials, the episode also inspired conversations about society’s obsession with virtual approvals and the toxicity that can surround female friendships. Save for voicing a character in an episode of “Family Guy,” Howard has never done scripted TV before; she says she always refers to this segment of creator Charlie Brooker’s anthology show “as a movie.”

“What’s so appealing and intriguing about Black Mirror is that it’s perhaps the most ambitious kind of storytelling because every single [episode] is a different project, crew and location and story and actors and everything,” says the actress better known for film roles that are a mix of blockbusters (“Jurassic World,” “The Twilight Saga”) and Oscar contenders (“The Help”).

“I’ve acted in things that are one minute long and I’ve acted in things that should have been shorter, let’s just say that. This goes to show why a category like this is so important because it’s so inclusive and it includes different kinds of storytelling platforms and allows those kinds of stories to also be included with more mainstream projects.”

Does this mean she wants to do more TV? “Absolutely,” she says, pointing to the pedigree behind Black Mirror  in director Joe Wright and writers Rashida Jones and Mike Schur as enticements.

She acknowledges that filming it required considerably less time than other series, but that “for anyone, a longer commitment has to feel right. My husband [actor Seth Gabel] only does television and our whole relationship he’s only done television. I’ve really seen the length of time that it really takes over and that sort of experience. It’s like going to college with a group of people and you want that to feel right the entire time.”

Specifically, she says she’d like to “generate something for me to be a part of” either via directing, producing or writing.

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Jurassic World 2 UK Wrap Party

Jurassic World 2 filming has wrapped in London and it’s off to Hawaii around June 5 to continue that portion of the production! Thanks to jake_barinov for sharing his photo with Bryce at the wrap party today. Also, Bryce posted a new video on her social media. Check it out below!

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Video Direct Link → Here


Few Photo Updates

In case you missed it, last week we shared exclusive behind the scenes photos of Bryce and Chris Pratt during the filming of Jurassic World. (Big thanks to the wonderful Vivian Baker for sharing these with us)

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Also, here are just a few of the latest photos uploaded by Bryce on her social media!

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New Charity Shop!

Some of you may remember our charity shop last year which featured Bryce Dallas Howard and Jurassic World stickers. Together we raised $205 for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, which was fantastic! Well, this year we’re back with a new shop. 100% proceeds made from this new shop will directly benefit The Halo Foundation! The premium items this year are amazing! We have a wide section of wristbands to show off your “Belly Laugh” and Jurassic World pride, Bryce inspired pens to provide you with inspiration when writing, colorful Bryce and Jurassic World inspired magnets, and if you missed the sticker sale last year, we have those as well!

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New Updates!

Bryce and Chris Pratt visited children at the the Great Ormond Street Hospital today. Check out an article from EW and all the photos below!

May 9, 2017 | Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard brighten up London children’s hospital |

— Chris Pratt continues to use his celebrity superpowers for good. He and his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard took a break from filming  the Jurassic World sequel to visit the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, where they surprised some of the patients. “Bryce and I had the tremendous pleasure of spending some time with our new buddy Elle and a few other patients,” Pratt wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

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(Photo credits to @tracyherve, @beckybukes, @vicky_cliffe, @prattprattpratt)


Here are a few new photos of Bryce from the EE British Academy Film Awards on February 12, 2017 as well as a some portraits taken at the event.

x004 Photo Shoots >> Set #084 Here


x005 Public Appearances >> 2017 >> EE British Academy Film Awards – Feb 12 Here


Also, Bryce posted a string of videos on twitter documenting her #BDHMouseInTheHouse experience. You do not want to miss that! We combined all 11 videos and uploaded it to our YouTube channel.

Direct Links
Bryce Dallas Howard’s Twitter Video – April 26, 2017 → Here
Bryce Dallas Howard’s Twitter Video – April 27, 2017 → Here
Bryce Dallas Howard’s Twitter Video – May 5, 2017 → Here

Finally, here are some of latest photos uploaded by Bryce on her social media!

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