‘Secret’ Project revealed!

The mystery project that Bryce has been hinting at (original post here) has been revealed! Bryce partnered with National Geographic Travel to document her experiences throughout New Zealand. Within this are several photos and a six-part video series!

Bryce’s content seems to be scattered throughout National Geographic and NewZealand.com. Below are direct links to Bryce’s sections.

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard promoting New Zealand tourism

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Bryce Dallas Howard Says N. Zealand Like ‘Some Other Planet’

She told The Associated Press in a recent interview that filming the movie was a magical time for her because so much of it was shot outdoors. She visited a number of towns and saw everything from farm shows to ancient kauri trees.

“We arrived at night, in Queenstown, and I’ll never forget this: I woke up, and there were these huge, huge windows in the house where we were staying. I looked out, and it was as if I’d stepped into a portal, or been transported to some other planet. It was like a Utopian version of Earth.”

Howard’s tourism campaign features videos shot by National Geographic Travel focusing on things like food, hiking and city life. Organized by Tourism New Zealand and funded by the nation’s government, the campaign cost about 2 million New Zealand dollars ($1.5 million).

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