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A few new photos!

Jurassic World director, JA Bayona recently shared this photo with Bryce and fellow Jurassic World actress, Geraldine Chaplin, on his Instagram.

001x Movies >> Jurassic World 2 >> On Set Here

While it’s still unknown what Bryce was filming in New Zealand, makeup artist Darya Bing shared these photos on her Instagram.

003x Bryce In Social Media >> Portraits Here


Here are the latest photos uploaded by Bryce on her social media!

Bryce In Social Media >> Bryce’s Posts Here



Gold Bonus Features & Bryce’s NZ Adventure

Bryce was featured in 2 of the bonus features on the Gold DVD/Blu-Ray and we have those for you in advance before the release! Check out the screen caps and videos below!

012x Movies >> Gold >> DVD – Interview Captures Here


024x Movies >> Gold >> Deleted Scenes – Captures → Here


Deleted Scenes → Here
Cast Interviews → Here

Bryce also posted a new vlog yesterday of her New Zealand adventures! Check it out now on her YouTube channel now.

Direct Link → Here


Gold Screen Caps & Bryce Posts!

Bryce’s film Gold is now available for purchase on Digital HD! The DVD/Blu-Ray is set to release on May 2nd.

Buy in Digital HD or pre-order the DVD/Blu-Ray → Here

398x Movies >> Gold >> HD Captures Here


A new video from the Gold press tour has popped up since the digital release. Check it out below ↓

Direct YouTube Link → Here

Bryce posted a Facebook live video yesterday of a helicopter ride in New Zealand! It’s uploaded to our YouTube channel for convenience!

Bryce’s Facebook post → Here
Direct YouTube Link → Here

As always we have all of Bryce’s latest photos on social media as well as photos taken of Bryce!

011x Bryce In Social Media >> Bryce’s Posts Here



New Mystery Project!

Bryce flew to New Zealand a few days ago and has been spotted working on some new mystery project. We’ll keep you updated as new information filters in. Check out Bryce’s latest posts from her trip and also some behind the scenes photos shared by onlookers. Also, thanks to @ella.purser on Instagram for sharing her photo with Bryce!

Note: For now, these ‘behind the scenes’ photos will be placed in the “Everything Else” album until a project is announced then they will move to a project specific album.

005x Bryce In Social Media >> Everything Else Here


006x Bryce In Social Media >> Bryce’s Posts Here



New Gold Stills

As Gold is released in other countries, more new stills are popping up! (Reminder that Gold will be released in Digital HD on April 18 and DVD/Blu-Ray on May 2!)

002x Movies >> Gold >> Movie Stills Here


001x Movies >> Gold >> Posters and Artwork Here

Also, here is a recap of the latest posts by Bryce on social media as well as her Jurassic World 2 filming day count which are added to the gallery right away.




Chris Pratt has started a #WhatsMySnack craze and now they have t-shirts! Check out the photo he posted below with Bryce and the Jurassic World 2 costume department! Also, an additional angles were posted by raffaellabuck and themonkeypoodle.

Bryce tweeted out Chris’s photo as her daily Jurassic World 2 set pic, but since the other two photos were not posted by Bryce, this counts as the first official “On Set” photos from Jurassic World 2! A new album has been made and all behind the scenes photos not posted by Bryce will go there!

While trying to keep this organized, it can get a bit confusing, so if you’re ever looking for a specific photo and can’t find it…

Bryce in Social media >> Bryce’s Posts Bryce’s posts that are not associated with her JW2 filming day count
Movies >> Jurassic World 2 >> On Set – Bryce’s Posts Bryce’s posts that are only from her JW2 filming day count
Movies >> Jurassic World 2 >> On Set  Behind the scenes photos posted by anyone except Bryce



New Site Exclusives

Added never before seen HQ’s to the following albums in the gallery!

030x Photo Shoots >> Set #001 (Patrick Hoelck) Here


017x Public Appearances >> 2015 >> Jurassic World US Press Conference – June 6 Here


009x Movies >> Spider-Man 3 >> On Location in New York City – June 10, 2006 Here


Also be sure to catch up on all the latest posts by Bryce, on set and off!

Bryce in Social media >> Bryce’s PostsHere


Movies >> Jurassic World 2 >> On Set – Bryce’s Posts Here