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Pete’s Dragon out now! + Interviews

Pete’s Dragon is released on DVD and Blu-Ray today! Make sure you go pick up a copy… or 6! We already have HD screen caps up in the gallery. All the bonus features will be uploaded to YouTube next week, so stay tuned for that!

523x Movies >> Pete’s Dragon >> HD Captures → Here

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November 29, 2016 — “Bryce Dallas Howard on Jurassic World Return, Pete’s Dragon Experience’

“The script is awesome. I saw Chris [Pratt] this week. I’ve seen everyone in London recently. Yeah, we’re talking about details now. We’re, like, down to the details. It’s pretty exciting. It’s going to be the first time that I’ve ever gone back to something. My husband [Seth Gabel] works predominantly in TV. I’m always like, “Ah, you’re working with your friends again. You’re so lucky!” I feel very lucky.”

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November 29, 2016 — “Why Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t Afraid to Go ‘Weird’ & ‘Extreme’

“So, for me, all of my family who have worked in creative fields, I have that forever, and that’s something that’s priceless. So to think that that’s something that my kids could, when I’m long gone, that my relatives — even relatives that I don’t meet down the road — could maybe see that, that’s wild and surreal! I actually have never thought about that specifically until you just mentioned that. That my great grandkids and stuff … Oh, I’ve got to stay on my game!”

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November 29, 2016 — “Bryce Dallas Howard takes us Behind the Scenes of Pete’s Dragon

“To see the story go from a little boy having courage and a beautiful friendship with a dragon, and then going on to find his family in the most unexpected ways; that’s a very hopeful story. In a way, finding your family after going through that is a miraculous experience. It’s almost a metaphor for the miracle and the magic that is actually what a family is, a close group of people who are dedicated and committed to each other for life.”

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I also updated this 2008 photo shoot with semi-HQ watermark-free photos exclusively given to me! Stay tuned because December will be FULL of lots of fun exclusives!

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Bryce Dallas Howard Bryce Dallas Howard Bryce Dallas Howard Cast of "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond"


Our Exclusive with Bryce Dallas Howard!

On Tuesday November 15th, I had the joy and privilege of meeting with Bryce in person for a sit down Q&A. We may have went off topic a few times (ok, most of the time), but this led to a really fun experience that you all can now enjoy! Also, Bryce agreed to do some fun videos for the site and for you guys! Be sure to check out those videos below, along with a hilarious blooper reel, and of course the interview itself.

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Bryce Sends a Message for the Fans → Here
“You’re Watching The BDH Network!” → Here
Hilarious Blooper Reel → Here
Interview (audio only) → Here



So sorry for the delayed updates! On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to meet up with Bryce and do a Q&A for the site. Keep an eye out for that full post on Monday!

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009 x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> “Gold” Screenings & Q&A – Nov 16-17 → Here

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November 17, 2016 — “Bryce Dallas Howard’s phone sounds like the one she has in “Black Mirror

“You know, what I didn’t actually realize it, but my friend pointed it out after Black Mirror, but my own phone sounds like the the ‘ding’ that you get when you get a rating,” She laughs. “Every single time it would happen [my friends] would shiver, so I definitely need to change my phone.”

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New Videos!

Bryce’s Social Media Post – Nov 8, 2016 → Here
Variety | “Gold” Panel for SAG-AFTRA Foundation → Here
Pete’s Dragon Bloopers (Sneak Peek) → Here


Hollywood Film Awards! (Update!)

Bryce and the cast of Gold received the “Hollywood Ensemble Award” at the Hollywood Film Awards today. Keep checking back for more updates!

153x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Hollywood Film Awards – Nov 6Here

001_actress-bryce-dallas-howard-attends-the-20th-annual-hollywood-film-awards-on-november-6-2016-in-los-angeles-california   14718513_328223984216595_6719086617849495552_n   20th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Red Carpet   20th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Arrivals  

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Bryce attended the BAFTA screen of Black Mirror in NYC on October 24 and photos are just starting to be released now! Check them out below!

005x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> BAFTA Screening of “Black Mirror” – Oct 26Here

black-mirror-1-of-1-5   black-mirror-1-of-1-2   black-mirror-6-of-17   black-mirror-5-of-17

New throwback photo shred by hairbyadir on instagram!

001x Photo Shoots >> Set #48 >> → Here


New Video!

Associated Press “Black Mirror” Interview → Here
Full Black Mirror Playlist → Here