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60th BFI London Film Festival


Bryce will be attending the 60th BFI London Film Festival to promote Black Mirror. The film festival takes place October 4-16.

International filmmakers and stars come out for the 60th BFI London Film Festival

Updated and confirmed line-ups for Headline Galas are:

LFF CONNECTS TELEVISION, BLACK MIRROR: Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones and Joe Wright, with cast attending including: Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, James Norton, Jerome Flynn, Malachi Kirby, Hannah John Kamen.


Updated the VVV Magazine photos with higher quality, plus added a new one!

003x Magazine Scans >> VVV Magazine – Fall 2016 → Here
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Lego Trailer and VVV Magazine photos

New photos of Bryce from the fall issue of VVV Magazine are here!

Buy Magazine → Here
Behind The Scenes Video → Here
Behind The Scenes Gallery → Here

003x Magazine Scans >> VVV Magazine – Fall 2016 → Here
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Bryce in a Lego movie?? Well, sort of! The new trailer for Lego’s Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape! has been released! It features Bryce and the Jurassic World cast. Check out the details below!

Beginning Oct. 3, the Lego and Jurassic World YouTube channels will roll out five daily installments that will ultimately form a 24-minute story. Universal will release a DVD collecting Indominus Escape and another 8-minute short as part of a Jurassic World bundle releasing Oct. 18.

Via Yahoo Movies


New Jurassic World BTS Footage!

A bunch of new behind the scenes videos of Jurassic World have been popping up! I’ve organized within this post all the extra features from the DVD/Blu-Ray, the Target Exclusives, as well as the newly released footage. Enjoy!

Check out screen caps from ALL the behind the scenes features → Here
image34   11509   11558   13213

Newly Release Footage
New Behind The Scenes Footage → Here
Before Special Effects Were Added → Here

DVD/Blu-Ray Features
Welcome to Jurassic World → Here
All Access Pass → Here
Dinosaurs Roam Once Again → Here
Chris and Colin take on The World → Here
Innovation Center Tour with Chris Pratt → Here
Deleted Scenes → Here
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Target Exclusives
Classic Jurassic → Here
Building the Gyrosphere → Here
Behind The Scenes with Jimmy Fallon → Here
Jurassic Props → Here
The Experts → Here
The Sounds And The Fury → Here
Link to Playlist → Here


New Photos and Updates

Added a new event from 2006, updated previously watermarked photos with the watermark free version, and I’ve been going through all the recent TIFF photos, replacing them with the highest quality currently available. Below are some notable additions!

009x Public Appearances >> 2006 >> Paper Magazine Party – February 27 → Here
david-hershkovits-bryce-dallas-howard-and-kim-hastreiter-attend-paper-magazine-celebrates-its-los-angeles-issue-at-cines_0005   Patrick McMullan Archives   bryce-dallas-howard-and-david-hershkovits-attend-paper-magazine-celebrates-its-los-angeles-issue-at-cinespace-on-februar_0007   Patrick McMullan Archives

009x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Black Mirror Premiere at TIFF – Sept 12 → Here
+001x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Premiere at TIFF – Sept 11 → Here
+006x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> InStyle/HFPA Party at TIFF – Sept 10 → Here
+022x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Pete’s Dragon Press Conference – August 10 → Here

0024   TIFF Premiere 'Nocturnal Animals'   0028   032

Replaced/Removed Watermark
027x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Variety Studio at TIFF – Sept 12 → Here
003x Photo Shoots >> Set #61 → Here
004x Photo Shoots >> Set #55 → Here
008x Photo Shoots >> Set #63 → Here

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Black Mirror Video Playlist (8 Videos) Here


More from Black Mirror and TIFF

006x Photo Shoots >> Set #66 → Here
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September 15, 2016 — Bryce Dallas Howard Stars in your next Netflix binge series”

“Right before the holidays, I got a call from Joe Wright, who I had met about ten years previously, and he said, ‘You know, I’m doing an episode of Black Mirror and we don’t have a script yet but we have an outline, would you take a look at the outline and consider this?’ And I did and I immediately said to him, ‘Yes!’ And he said, ‘Wait, you don’t need to see the script?’ And I was like, ‘Absolutely not!’ So then I needed to watch more episodes of Black Mirror but I knew how to do it: during the day, next to my husband with a certain bit of perspective. I was instantly on board.”

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008x Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Variety Studio at TIFF – Sept 12 → Here
1831   2428   1233   1433

September 15, 2016  | Black Mirror Season 3 Review: “Nosedive” |

Bryce Dallas Howard stars as Lacie, a mid-level woman who really wants to be a 4.5 or higher so she can get this super duper condo that’s exclusively available to those with a rating in that range. She suddenly gets invited to be the Maid of Honor at the wedding of one of her childhood friends (played by Alice Eve), who’s now high on the social status chain and will be hosting hundreds of high-ranking guests. This bodes well for Lacie, who could use the rating boost and sees her speech at the wedding as the prime opportunity given that the audience will be full of “prime influencers.”


Black Mirror Review + Interview

Black Mirror Review: “Nosedive”

By contrast, the second episode, ‘Nosedive’ put technology back into scarier territory. Written by Rashida Jones, this ranks as one of ‘Black Mirror’s best-ever episodes, with it grounded by an amazing performance by Bryce Dallas Howard as the ambitious heroine. In this version of the future, social media has become all important, trumping wealth and everything else. If you don’t maintain a certain star rating on your social media, you can lose you job, be excluded from places and worse. Howard plays a 4.2/5 who, after receiving a wedding invite from her 4.8 childhood friend, sees a way of climbing the social ladder.

The satire here is delicious, with everyone having to affect a faux pleasant demeanor, where any encounter that’s laced with even the slightest edge can get you a down vote. Here we see just how bad a day can really go in a world like that as Howard tries to make her friend’s wedding. Alice Eve plays the picture perfect friend, who’s like that Instagram loving friend of yours maxed-out to nightmare levels. Eve is hilarious as she answers phone calls in perfect, sexy poses to max-out the chance of anyone ‘liking’ the exchange, and her wedding proves to be a masterfully funny sequence beautifully directed by Joe Wright.


September 13, 2016 — Happy days for Pete’s Dragon Star Bryce Dallas Howard”

— “I have memories of my dad being there but we were actually on the set and would have tutors or go to a local school. I don’t remember him ever missing anything with one exception,” she says. “When I was young and was captain of the varsity basketball team, he was shooting something and didn’t make it to the games and he still says it’s his biggest regret in life, which I’ve told him, ‘dude, you’re off the hook!'”

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