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2 Videos and Press Photos!

Still not sure how I want to structure the gallery for press verses social media photos yet, so bare with me while things may be jumping around. Everything can be found in either one of those albums for sure. I think I’m going to only put the behind the scenes style photos and fan photos in the social media album. The press album will be all photos from the actual interviews or posed for photos… maybe. I don’t want to clog the social media album with everything nor do I want press photos to get lost in there over time. Basically if you’re looking for a particular photo, be sure to check both albums for updates. All photos are uploaded somewhere for sure.

Pete’s Dragon Press Album → Here
Social Media Album → Here
Bryce’s Posts → Here
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2 New Videos

Quick Links
SEG Pete’s Dragon Interview → Here
Pete’s Dragon International Trailer → Here


Another Pete’s Dragon Press Day!

————————————– VIDEOS ————————————– 

7 new videos have been uploaded!

Quick Links
1. Breakfast Television Toronto → Here
2. KISS 92.5 Snapchat → Here
3. KISS 92.5 Radio Interview → Here
4. CP24 Breakfast → Here
5. AMC Pete’s Dragon Trailer Intro → Here
6. Elle Canada Facebook Live → Here
7. Disney Studios Canada Live Twitter Q&A → Here

————————————– PHOTOS ————————————–

18 new photos from social media!

Full Album → Here
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7 new photos from Bryce!

Full Album → Here
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TV Appearances, Release Date, Photos!!

TV Appearances

Below is a list of all of Bryce’s upcoming appearances and interviews!

July 28, 2016
Toronto’s Kiss 92.5 ‘Roz and Mocha’ show at 7:30am EST→ Website
Toronto’s CP24 Breakfast → Website
Disney Studios Twitter Canada Q&A at 4:40pm EST → Twitter

August 3, 2016
Live With Kelly on ABC (check local listings)→ Website

August 4, 2016
Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS 12:37am EST → Website

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Release Date!

Release date for Black Mirror has been announced! The 3rd season of the series will air on Netflicks October 21, 2016. Bryce is in the 3rd episode!

Confirmed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour today, Netflix announced that all six episodes of the new season of Charlie Brooker’s creepy sideways-glance at the future will drop on the streaming service on October 21st.



37 – Univision’s ‘Despierta America’- July 27Full Album
Bryce+Dallas+Howard+Celebrities+Perform+Set+psj94AK2djUx Celebrities On The Set Of Univision's "Despierta America"





40 – Arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles – July 26, 2016Full Album
Bryce+Dallas+Howard+Bryce+Dallas+Howard+Appears+jjpa-xhERsax bryce-dallas-howard-arrives-at-jimmy-kimmel-live-in-los-angeles-july-25-2016_1





2 – Social MediaFull Album
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3 – Pete’s Dragon Press TourFull Album

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Pete’s Dragon Press Tour!

The Pete’s Dragon press tour is in full swing, first stop is Miami (followed by Toronto, London, and NYC). We don’t miss a single photo here at BDHnetwork and even set up a Pete’s Dragon press only album! Many photos in this album will be duplicates from various other albums such a Bryce’s Posts, Social Media Posts, and Talk Shows… but this way everything from this press tour can be found in one place!

Pete’s Dragon Press Tour → Here
Bryce’s Posts → Here
Social Media Posts → Here
Jimmy Kimmel → Here

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